Oaklands has once again gained full accreditation from the British Council as an international school.

At Oaklands, we take our international work very seriously and welcome visits from all over the world as this as an opportunity to learn and share best practice.  

We include the whole school in each event and share these experiences through displays and assemblies. Our elected School Council and Global Ambassadors work with their peers to plan fund raising events for International causes such as Comic relief, Water Aid and Save the Children. We celebrate International Book week, International Women's Day, International Languages Day, Bangladesh New Year's day. Our involvement with Literacy Planet’s ‘Word Mania’ competition sees us competing with schools across the globe.

We have partners and connections throughout the world, from Austria, Vienna, Denmark, Spain, Japan and our long term friends from Uganda and Bangladesh.  Our Partnership with schools in Syria has continued to give our students direct communication with their peers across the globe and a unique insight into their lives in an area of instability. This has given them an insight into global diversity and sustainability. 

Our relationship with Scandinavia continues to grow and in the past year, we have had many visits from Educationalists and Politicians from Norway, Denmark and Vienna.

Our Recent International Visits ...

Visit From Denmark - 23rd January 2020            Visit from Austria - 31st January 2020