Why is Religious Studies important?

Religious Studies makes a key and unique contribution to understanding British heritage, plurality, values and futures. In Religious Studies pupils learn to respect themselves and understand their own identity, to respect others, and to understand their own and others' rights and responsibilities. It enables pupils to consider and respond to a range of important questions related to their own spiritual development, the development of values and attitudes and fundamental questions concerning the meaning and purpose of life. Religious Education is an essential component of a broad and balanced curriculum. 

What is the aim of the Religious Studies curriculum at Oaklands?

The aim of the Religious Studies curriculum at Oaklands is to help build young people's understanding and appreciation of different beliefs, practices and religions, and how these relate to the modern world. An understanding of religion helps develop the skills to devise and thrive in a modern diverse and multi faith world. 

How is the curriculum in RE structured?

At KS3 students will gain a general understanding of the main aspects of the six major world faiths, leading to a deeper understanding of people's faith journeys. At KS4, the focus is on understanding the various themes that run through different religions and the implications of living in a multi faith society. 

Topics covered in Year 7

  • Christianity and Judaism

Topics covered in Year 8

  • Hinduism and Sikhism

Topics covered in Year 9

  • Suffering and Ethics

Topics covered in Year 10

  •   Religion and Life from a Christian perspective

Topics covered in Year 11

  • Religion and Life from an Islamic perspective

KS4 Qualification title

Exam Board: Edexcel

Religious Studies B

Paper 1: Area of Study 1 - Religion and Ethics

Option 1B: Christianity

Paper Reference: 1RBO/1B

Exam: 1hr 3/4min

Religious Studies B

Paper 2: Area of Study 2 - Religion, Peace and Conflict

Option 2C: Islam

Paper Reference: 1RBO/2C

Exam 1hr 3/4min

KS5 Qualification title

  • Religious Studies 

RE Curriculum Maps

Additional learning resources:

Practical tips / activities for parents to support learning at home

Parents should encourage students to keep up to date with world issues linked to Religious Education, by regularly watching the news and accessing news stories.