Reasons to work at Oaklands

Why work at Oaklands

Staff wellbeing and development are at the heart of what we do.

We know that without quality and motivated staff, we cannot offer students the education that they deserve.

  1. We are committed to equality of opportunity: we promise that everyone who walks through our doors will have the same chance to succeed.
  2. A culture of high expectations: we have high standards of every staff member, but in turn we want you to expect the best in return.
  3. Our staff and students enjoy working and learning at Oaklands.
  4. Relationships with students and colleagues are based on mutual respect. This is built on the foundation that we all want to work and study in a school that is focused on helping everyone to achieve their goals.
  5. Our staff culture is defined by the fact that everyone is valued, and as such is provided with the support they need to hone their craft, whether through our own in-house training programme, peer coaching or access to quality external provision.