What makes us unique

Oaklands is an excellent place for students to develop academically, socially and professionally.

We believe there are hundreds of things taking place daily that make our school unique, but here are just a few.

  1. We are committed to equality of opportunity: we promise that everyone who walks through our doors will have the same chance to succeed.
  2. Throughout the school is instilled a culture of high expectations and aspirations for students. We are all driven by one defining question: how do we do better?
  3. Oaklands students enjoy coming to school. This is in no small part due to our student voice programme, which empowers them to bring about genuine change. They understand that this is their school and they have a vital role to play in making it as great as possible.
  4. Our staff genuinely care for every student. Students know that their teachers go the extra mile for them and as a result there is a mutual respect not always found in most schools.
  5. Outstanding outcomes: our attainment figures are considerably above the local and national averages (Attainment 8 is 54.2 and 52% achieved Grade 5 or above in English & maths), but what we are particularly proud of is the level of progress our students make. Our Progress 8 score of 0.66 puts us in the top 15% of schools nationally.
  6. Peer mentoring and support is built into the fabric of our school: sixth form students take an active role in the guidance of those younger than them.
  7. Preparing students for the future: from expert careers advice to unparalleled experience with university applications, we do all we can to make sure that students do not just thrive when they’re with us, but afterwards too.
  8. Our commitment to society: students in each year group choose a charity to support and arrange their own fund-raising activities.
  9. We promote students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness extremely well through the many opportunities provided within taught subjects and additional activities, including work with schools internationally and frequent educational visits in this country and abroad.
  10. A rounded enrichment offer means that students benefit from learning of all kinds, both inside and outside the classroom. They are challenged by experiences which take them beyond their comfort zone and broaden their horizons.